Pass the Pinot: RHOC Drinking Game

Every Monday we have one thing to look forward to and one thing only: The newest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County and our chance to bask in an array of jewel-tone tops and botox. To celebrate, let’s play a drinking game! Put on your Diamonds by Vicki pendant, chill your bottle of Collette Method Champenoise and follow the directions below… Take a shot every … Continue reading Pass the Pinot: RHOC Drinking Game

Six Kind of Weird Things I’ll Always Find Sexy

Everyone has their THANGS, right? Old-school wine openers. Don’t even come near me with your Sky Mall, battery-operated wine bottle opener. Watching a man open a bottle of wine with a basic corkscrew is a thoroughly swoon-worthy experience. Slicing and peeling the foil, penetrating the cork with the screw–just the tip at first, then all the way in. And finally pulling it out and filling your glass … Continue reading Six Kind of Weird Things I’ll Always Find Sexy

2015 Life Resolutions

 2015 is cute and all, but these reservations are for life. Know your worth. As strong and independent and badass as we all truly are, there are times when we as ladies question it. There are certain events/people/situations that make us forget our Sasha Fierce-ness and we quickly crumble into a hole. We didn’t do anything differently, there are just times it’s easier to accept what … Continue reading 2015 Life Resolutions