Because it’s Thursday Which is Basically Friday Which is Pretty Much the Weekend Cocktail: The Sparkly Blossom

Because It’s Thursday Which is Basically Friday Which is Pretty Much the Weekend Cocktail. 

I want to confess to a new love affair I’ve been partaking in recently. It’s with Elderflower Liqueur and I don’t care who knows it. I know I know, I too have always thought any sort of ~liqueur~ was for tweens stealing from their parents’ liquor cabinet or old men. But this time it isn’t! For those unfamiliar, this one is a liqueur made from, you guessed it you little genius, elderflowers! They’re tiny little white flowers that clearly make life incredible and create a liqueur that tastes like a bottle of god damn spring. Not like you’re drinking perfume, but more like one sip and you’re mentally transported to a field of dreams. It’s a multitalented cocktail, being appropriate both poolside or at an upscale event. Or in the supply closet at your office.

The Sparkly Blossom



St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur






static1.squarespace-41.) Fill a glass about three-fourths of the way with champagne. Now, if you’ve read my blog before you know my thoughts on champagne pouring. If you give me a glass that’s 80:20 Fizz:Champagne, you should run for your life. You are the al qaeda of drink makers in my book. SO LADIES, don’t do this. Take your time and fill that baby up with what you know mama wants.

2.) Fill the rest of the glass with the Elderflower Liqueur. Life is so good.


3.) Add thin slices of pear and cucumber, then garnish with a little mint. It’s now basically a salad.


4.) Drink up buttercup! This is the most important step. Don’t screw it up.



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