There Are So So So So So So Many Things to Be Happy About…

Let’s face it…life can really suck sometimes. Natural disasters, sociopaths in disguise, and clogged pores are things that exist in the world. We all have those days where our emotions take a beating and it feels like a pretty tragic place. But we can’t let that harden us, my beautiful souls! When those heartbreaking situations arise, let’s take a deep breath and remember the silver linings all around us. My darlings, let’s sit back and take in some of the things, moments, and experiences that make this life absolutely wonderful…

 Dinner parties where the conversation is so good, the party goes way past dessert.

People named after flowers.

When you’re the only one in your row on a plane. Stretch those legs babycakes because you just won the lottery of 30,000 feet up in the air.

New Years Eve.

Snowy days that make you feel like you actually are walking in a winter wonderland.

Really fun wedding receptions.

Getting lost. Because of how good it feels when you find your way.

Happy hour. It truly is the happiest hour of the day.

The sometimes infuriating, but totally worth it process of falling in love.

The fact that we have a black president who supports same sex marriage. I don’t care if you think he’s a Kenyan communist, that fact is pretty rad. #merica

Pop songs that are so good but so embarrassing that they only live in the speakers jammed directly into your ears.

Miniature versions of normal-sized things. ALWAYS CUTE.


Thinking about someone you haven’t seen for a long time, and then seeing them out of the blue and saying “oh my gosh I was just thinking about you!”

The night before a vacation you’ve been waiting months for.

Moments when everything just seems to fall into place.


When you find a toy or book you loved as a child and you immediately smell crayons and dirt.

Music with a soul.

The people who not only accept your flaws, but love you even more because of them.

The smell of burning leaves.

When someone gives you a genuine compliment on a day you’re looking like season one Carrie Bradshaw. Woof.

Getting out of the city and actually seeing the stars.

Realizing that getting older is a privilege, not a punishment. Wrinkles don’t hold a candle to learned wisdom.

Road trips with good soundtracks.

Brunch. With alcohol.

The empowering revelation that it’s never too late.

Fresh sheet Sundays. Even when it’s on a Tuesday.

The early days of spring when even though you’re an adult with a full time job, you feel like school is almost out for the summer.

Going through old photos.

Rainy Sundays spent watching movies and eating oreos.

The moment you realize everything actually does happen for a reason.

*But only the good kind.

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